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Issue #1: How AI is changing marketing, $1B+ in funding, and latest tools

Good morning,

If you haven’t choked on your coffee from all the crazy things happening with AI, allow me to fill up your cup.

I’m sure your social feeds, inboxes and even watercooler chats have all been filled to the brim with the latest and greatest.

But with a jolt of disruption like this one, how do you discern what’s artificial intelligence and what’s just artificial?

What’s vaporware and what’s real?

Let’s get you the most important news, how-to’s, and tools.

In today’s issue:

  • Will AI “overturn the human institution”? Find out with Alex Hermozi, the $100 Million Dollar Offers guy.

  • Discover how AI is revolutionizing marketing outcomes and the experts who are using it to their advantage.

  • How much?! The top investments being poured into AI by venture capitalists.

  • Bionic Toolkit: Conquer your competition in the marketing arena with the latest AI-based innovations.

  • MIT on GTP-4.

Let’s dive in.


AI is the future, and it’s revolutionizing marketing.

Alex Hermozi says “AI has the potential to overturn the human institution…”

Scary? No.

Faster growth, higher profit margins, and virtually unlimited advancements? YES.

See what Alex had to say about Getting Rich in the AI Revolution.

So, how do you handle the disruption while benefiting from the progress?

You evolve with it:

  • Learn to streamline all things content and creative (copywriting, VSLs, blogs, graphics, etc.)

  • Deliver better marketing strategies faster with more targeted messaging

  • Fuel your results with advanced research and analytic data

  • Be ready to take advantage of the opportunities that inevitably arise with seismic societal change

Worried you’re being left behind already? Catch up with these AI Content Marketing: Opportunities, Challenges, and Tools.

Storylab.ai also created some interesting use cases on the benefits AI will have on your marketing in 2023:

  • Saving you time generating original attention-grabbing content ideas.

  • Doing the heavy lifting so you can write articles in under 30 minutes.

  • Easier content creation, SEO briefs, title experimentation, and description tags for an increase in CTR and decrease in bounce rates.

  • Create binge-worthy social posts at scale.

  • Developing breakthrough brand stories.


The release of ChatGPT on November 30th, 2022 created a watershed moment - not just in the history of marketing - but across many industries.  

Like the name, it is currently open (aka free), but with a paid version in the works.

Unlike crypto, its volatility is low (it only took five days to grow to over 1M users), and the future potential of the tech is growing exponentially. 

The company is already planting seeds for the future, offering a $100M start-up fund.

(Anyone with an ounce of marketing logic understands why this is a clever move. Descript has already dipped into it—with perfect prelaunch timing.)

Even If you are hardly paying attention, It’s tough not to notice the billions of dollars going into AI startups everywhere.

$426M: 6Sense’sAI-assisted marketing analytics platform offers data that eliminates guesswork by illuminating buyer behavior.

$238.2M: A more eComm-focused platform, Bluecore, speeds up purchase outcomes using predictive AI and automates campaigns based on purchase data.

$234M: Near’s AllSpark platform generates consumer insights based on information sourced from phones, data partners, carriers and customers. It creates anonymised, location-base user profiles. They have 1.6 billion unique user IDs, in over 70 million places across 44 countries.

$201.5M: Measure. Optimize. Personalize. Invoca streamlines research for a competitive edge on emerging trends that align your advertising messaging to inform website copy outcomes, and much more.

$200M: This funding from Wellington Management raises Dataiku’s backing to over a half a billion.

“Dataiku’s proven track record, management team, growth trajectory,

and customer roster, positions the company to scale AI to new heights.”

$192.7M: Zappi is a customer Insights platform for creative brand building and targeted marketing research with a focus on brand advertising.

UNICEF sees so many possibilities for positive change it’s offering funds for AI innovation.


Time to get out of your own way and produce something great. There are too many options to flush out your creative blocks, so no excuses.

Get your images on point with the platform that pulls from Dall.e, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. Where will your vision take you?

Perks include:

  • Hundreds of styles to choose from.

  • The ability to change the perspective, colors, lighting and so much more.

  • Pro themes for consistent digital assets.

🤖 Miappi

This is an excellent example of AI setting the standard for what it means to build community. Miappi connects you to AI user-generated content (UGC) that you can pull from to fill your platforms and channels with things people relate to.

This is a small business, eCommerce, and influencer marketing tool option that aims to increase web conversion, cut ad spend, and align your content with your goals and crush your KPIs.

🤖 Yotpo and Linkfluence 

With AI for UGC popping up everywhere, and a strong focus on eComms, Yotpo and Linkfluence are taking on brand building from the lens of the influencer. 

They assist your creation with personalized, smarter, and fanatical UGC that makes your products pop—even if you are the product.

Like a personal assistant for your website's SEO, it identifies opportunities to improve your search engine rankings and get more traffic. It's like a magic genie that helps you with all the technical, nerdy stuff so you can focus on what you do best - running your business.

It also automates relationship building for backlinking based on mentions and other data.

See Google and ChatGPT go head-to-head in answering your questions with this Chrome extension:

Once it’s added, you’ll see the ChatGPT responses appear to the right of the traditional Google search results. It treats your search request as a prompt to generate information, giving you the best of both worlds.


The only way AI will be able to leverage us is if we don’t learn to leverage it first.

So, do it well. And square up with Google’s Helpful Content Update.

Because according to Lemuel Park, CTO at BrightEdge, “Poorly-produced content will not work…”

And it has never worked. Google has used basic operant conditioning to reward good content and punish keyword-stuffed nonsensical vanilla content.

The market won’t tolerate lazy writing. But using AI tools to make your work faster and better while still retaining the vital human connection could very well usher us into the next era of elite marketing.

It’s time to dust off your powers of discernment.

And finally, according to the MIT Tech Review:

“All eyes now are on the next big thing: GPT-4. Smart money says that 2023 will be the year the next generation of large language models kicks off.”

Strap in. It’s going to be a wild ride.

See you next week,
Sam Woods